$5-499.99, 12 Mo. Donors
137,664     Charitable Fundraisers $95/M
137,664     Political/Issue $125/M
137,664     Consumer Commercial $80/M
    $5-499.99, 24 Mo. Donors
204,919     Charitable Fundraisers $85/M
204,919     Political/Issue $115/M
204,919     Consumer Commercial $70/M
Profile: These generous and patriotic donors have given to an aggressive direct mail fund raising campaign to help catastrophically wounded soldiers who have fought in the War on Terror, and their families.

With average donations of a whopping more than 10% of these donors give over $100! This is a must test list for political issue-advocacy, conservative, charitable, premiums, business and consumer mailers.

Exchanges, including hi-dollar exchanges, will be considered upon approval of mailing sample.

Cancellation Charges: $50.00 Flat Fee, $10/M Running Charges, Select Charges, plus Tape/Shipping/Email Fee.

Source: 100% Direct Mail  
Sample: Mailing piece required for approval  
Date: October 2018  
Minimum: 5,000  
Selections: State/SCF $3/M
  Zip $5/M
  Gender $5/M
Addressing: Email $50F
  FTP $75F
Net Name Policy: Computer Verification Required  
    25,000-99,999 80% Min. + $10/M R/C  
100,000-299,999 65% Min. + $10/M R/C  
300,000 or more 50% Min. + $10/M R/C  

American Civil Rights Union
American Federation of Police
AmVets National Service Foundation
Blinded Veterans Association
Children's National Medical Center
Citizens United
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Heart Support of America
Heritage Foundation
HHV-Disabled War Veterans
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn
Judicial Watch
Korean War National Museum
Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund
Marine Toys for Tots
NACOP/Paralyzed & Disabled Police
National Assn Uniformed Services
National Breast Cancer Research Center
National Cancer Coalition
National Cancer Research Center
National Federation of the Blind
National Republican Congressional Comm
Natl Comm to Preserve SS & Medicare
Natl Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial
Reagan Ranch
Smile Train
Soldiers' Angels
TREA Memorial Foundation
United Services Organization (USO)
U.S. Olympic Committee
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
Wounded Warrior Project
Young America's Foundation

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